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Lakat Sustainables

Creative Definitions owners, Mike and Banj Claparols, have continually dedicated themselves to providing world-class Negrense products in the local market, and now strives to innovate and to open more opportunities for Filipino craftsmen. Their continuous search for new materials and production techniques eventually led to a unique sustainable product.

After 2 years collaborating with local weavers from Negros and Panay, and experimenting with several locally-sourced natural fibers, Mike and Banj Claparols crafted their own line of sustainable shoes, in collaboration with Risque Manufacturing, and utilizing indigenous hand-woven fabrics made of locally sourced natural fibers, and recycled materials. The end result? The birth of LAKAT SUSTAINABLES, a line of hand sewn shoes that is inspired by local craftsmen, made with Philippine indigenous fibers and recycled materials, and with the advocacy to continuously improve people’s lives in the partner communities.