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Hola Lili

Hola Lili is all about handwoven textiles. Each pair of shoes features a fabric that reflects centuries of craft.  They keep the shoe designs classic, but comfortable, so you can show off the fabrics every day. 

Each piece carries a story – whether it is the Balud fabric inspired by the waves of Lake Lanao, the geometric prints of the Kinan-ew fabric, symbolizing spears and other items found in the mountains, or the optical spirals of the Binakul representing the wind and waves. Whatever fabric you choose, know that these were chosen not just because they are gorgeous, but also for the cultural heritage these represent.

Hours of hard work are needed to make these ornate textiles yet these are not always appreciated. The weavers, because of low wages and scarce opportunities, are tempted by jobs in the big cities or even in other countries, which can take them away from their families for years at a time.

Why preserve hand weaving? One of the greatest advantages of hand-weaving allowing the weavers, mostly women, to work from home. With floor looms in their living room or a backstrap loom anchored to a tree or pillar, they can take care of kids and family, while flexibly earning a living. Among weaving communities in the Philippines, mothers say that a child strapped to her mother’s back can be put right to sleep by the rhythm of weaving. Who needs a swing?



Hola Lili wants these weavers to be able to live and earn a living in their communities, and sources fabrics as close to the producers as possible, usually from a cooperative. By working with small enterprises using supportive, fair trade business practices, we hope to positively impact weaver communities. By developing appreciation for these weaves in the new markets like North America and Europe, we also hope to grow demand for these products and keep these traditions alive.