How to properly disinfect your shoes in the time of COVID-19?

How to properly disinfect your shoes in the time of COVID-19?

As you might have read or heard from the news, studies about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) suggest that it could be carried and may remain infectious on surfaces exposed to it for several hours.

While we encourage that you disinfect as often as possible, have you considered the very thing that gets you around to places, and later take home with you?

Yes, your shoes. This is all new to us and as we move forward we are still learning. We gathered some tips from our partner brands on how they personally practice the proper disinfection of their shoes in their households that you may learn a thing or two from.


From Meg of HOLA LILI:


"We leave our shoes outside. Never in the house."



Eliza of Shoes of au.gust shared,

"We have a DIY foot bath by the gate and also leave all the shoes outside."


And in our slow re-opening of our retail space, we have considered all possible safety measures to protect our employees and guests, including a disinfecting mat for everyone's use before entering.


Aside from the suggestions above, you may also wipe the exteriors of your shoes before storing them with a disinfectant solution + wipe, but make sure to consider the material of your shoes as some are prone to discoloration or damage.

In the time of COVID-19, it helps to be extra careful or excessive to help prevent the spread of the virus and to take care of yourself and your loved ones.