From the Stride Team: Updated Measures for GCQ

From the Stride Team: Updated Measures for GCQ

As we enter the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), the health of our employees, artisans, clients, and guests are our priorities. Here are our safety practices and protocols while we keep the livelihood of everyone in our chain going.


We highly encourage that you shop online and stay at home. However, we will temporarily open our store and will be implementing the following for our customer and guests:


TEMPORARY STORE SCHEDULE: Fridays to Mondays, 10am to 6pm

    • Only three (3) clients at a time inside the store.
    • Strictly NO MASK, NO ENTRY.
    • Footbath (sanitizing mat) for shoes outside our store.
    • Temperature check and logging of details for contact tracing.
    • Sanitizing with alcohol is required upon entry.
    • Regular disinfection of store.
    • Disposable foot socks are available for trying on shoes.
    • Highly encouraging cashless transactions for customers.


As we slowly transition to this setup, please bear with us on the delays of deliveries for the shoe and masks orders due to the following:

    • Limited production capacity, which is currently divided into shoes and masks production.
    • Masks with Bio-armor require a longer time because of its process of sewing, pre-washing, and soaking in the solution.
    • Backlogs from before ECQ are being prioritized.


We value the safety of our artisans and shoemakers so we're happy to share that these guidelines are being implemented in their workplace:

    • 50% capacity for the production team (implemented through shifting schedules)
    • Strict physical distancing inside the facility.
    • All employees have undergone rapid testing c/o Marikina Gov't (everyone tested negative!)
    • No mask, no entry for all employees, clients, couriers, and other guests.
    • Footbath (sanitizing mat) for shoes is available.
    • Disinfecting of bike wheels before entering.
    • For employees, leaving shoes at the gate and changing into 'inside slippers'
    • Temperature check and logging of details for contact tracing.
    • Sanitizing before entering the facility. Washing of hands and arms for employees and guests.
    • Daily sanitation of work areas.